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**FOA awarded contract to provide Scientific Research Services for Northwest Fisheries Science Center**

**FOA awarded contract to provide Scientific Research Services for Southwest Fisheries Science Center**

    Frank Orth & Associates (FOA) is a DBA of ProVantage Software Inc., and is located in Kirkland, WA.

    FOA has been a leader in the fisheries research Industry since 1979. FOA began as a company that provided fisheries research, economic consulting, and business management consulting. FOA is still involved in all three areas today It is in the fisheries research field that FOA is primarily focused and serves as an industry leader.

    For nearly a quarter of a century FOA has provided program management and staffing services to the fisheries research and scientific communities of the Western United States. In addition to our experiences in fisheries research, we have the ability and experience in providing staffing and program management services for all scientific fields, information technology and administrative support services.